Dec 08, 2014 · Now, retro hardware engineering genius Krikzz has produced a third revision of his Everdrive 64 flash cartridge. Like the Everdrive cartridges for other machines, the Everdrive 64 V3 can run ROM images from an SD card inserted at the top of the unit. Effectively, this allows the consoles entire library of games to fit onto a single cartridge. Enerdrive is committed to the supply and support of the very best independent power products Australia wide. Our dedication to the research and development of our products is mirrored in their quality and reliability.

Since Everdrive N8 now has support for the NSF-derived mapper 31, and with emulator support for that mapper growing as well, it's now feasible to make a mostly automated tool to convert NSFs into NES ROMs. Perhaps the biggest nail in the coffin as of late is the Everdrive 64. Version 2 of the popular flash cart can copy Controller Pak saves to the SD card, thus completely rendering the DexDrive obsolete. Despite this unfortunate fate, we at Micro-64 feel differently. The Everdrive 64 is far more expensive than the DexDrive. [release] alternative ED64 Menu v0.1 Hello everyone, here is my menu for the ED64, it's based on libdragon, Neo64Menu, ED64IO, nrage-plugin, lib-hkz, libmikmod and some great help of Krikzz. ^^ I'm going to upload the source again, if i've done some cleaning. It looks like a mess atm.