Apr 10, 2013 · Turn up the thermostat. (I’ve read other tips about using heating pads or space heaters, but I didn’t do that.) If you are doing a naked baby photo shoot, keep them covered with a blanket whenever you aren’t snapping photos. Use a pacifier. If they’ll take a paci, use it.

I made a point to myself that the least I can do for my photo shoots, for my photographs and most of all for my models, is to hire or call a makeup artist for the day. Unless the concept of your photo shoot calls for a bare-face model, I would highly recommended involving a makeup artist. You see, we girls like to look pretty. While photos are an important keepsake, enlisting the help of a professional is something I’d rather not do until she’s older and out of the feisty newborn phase. My husband and I agreed that this time around we would try to take our own photos at home. It turns out that setting up your own newborn photo shoot is pretty simple.