A closer look at the MacGregor mast raising pole and how it is attached to the mast. The MacGregor pole is a tiny trailer winch mounted on an aluminum tube with a block and eye strap on opposite sides of one end and a fitting on the other end to secure it to the mast base. Jul 23, 2014 · So what does it take to keep employees? Here are a few methods to reduce healthcare staff turnover: 1. Create the right environment: Employees spend a major portion of their life at work. If they feel undervalued or disrespected, their loyalty diminishes. Do your employees have the tools and space they need to accomplish their duties? Oct 08, 2001 · As you resize your sales organization, maintain your salespeople-to-sales management ratios. If you had a 7:1 ratio of sales reps to sales managers before you made your cuts, your goal should be to maintain the same ratio after those cuts. This means that you will need to cut managers, as well as salespeople.

Re: Raising and Lowering Your Mast | easier than you think Rover - my mast is about 37'. The lifting line attached to the mast right below the spreaders which was a bit below the center of gravity for the mast. This is another opportunity to choose a kinder, more positive approach with your staff that can still be effective, without diminishing their levels of engagement. Motivate, inspire and coach your employees. Not only should your employees understand the scope of their work, but as their manager, so should you.